Search Engine Friendly

The structure of a responsive website makes Devices-3
it easy for the Search engines like Google
to trawl and index.

This results in a higher profile
for your Business,  more Visitor traffic
and more sales.

Potiential Problems avoided
Having a repsonsive website also removes the
the problem that can happen by having two
versions of a website ( mobile and non-mobile Version )
as you can accidentally create duplicate content and
dilute your rankings on the search Engines due to
duplicate content penalties.

Responsive websites and Google
Google accounts for over 67% of all the Search Market,
and Google has explicitly stated that responsive website design is its
recommended mobile configuration, they have even goes so far as
to refer to responsive web design as the 
industry best practice.

Our Service
We provide a service wherby we can take your old
website and upgrade it with the latest
Technology so that its more responsive to
the latest demands of today’s Online Business enviroment.

Free Consultation
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