Is it the right time to upgrade your Static Website.

If you have an older static website that
was created images (4)in recent years then chances
are your website is a static website,
if so then you might be experiencing certain
challenges in the following areas:

Typical signs you need a Website Upgrade


1: Content Management
If your website appears to displaying product lines
that out of date more frequently and you have to pay
an external developer to do your updates then you need to consider
upgrading to a website that employs a web based content management facility
as this will bring immediate benefits in a number of areas.

2: Accessibility
Secondly if some of your customers are complaining because
they cannot access your website via their new Smartphones
and tablets, the you might be experiencing accessibility problems
as older static websites were not designed to display
on these new small screen devices.

3: Social Media Integration
If visitors to your website cannot share your content via their preferred
social media channels then you are at a disadvantage as Forrester Research
reports that 80% of online purchase cycles involve some form of
peer recommendation, so if your customers can’t share your offers
with their friends then you are missing out on potential additional online leads.

A solution to these challenges:
We offer a website upgrade service whereby we will take your old static website
and upgrade it to the next generation. By upgrading your website we will
place similar features enjoyed by larger Business in your hands at a fraction of the cost.

Also your new website will have new features including a web based content management
dashboard will allow non technical members of your staff update your website content,
this will reduce your content publishing costs and also ensure more frequent updates,
this will in turn aid in your search engines rankings and also keep your customer
coming back for more.

Compatible with all the latest devices out there:
These websites employ layouts that are fluid and change
automatically to suite the screen size of the device the website is being viewed on.

Are social media Friendly
These next generation websites can also Integrate with the top social
media network and bookmarking websites, so you can publish
your content in one place saving you valuable time.

Competitive Website Upgrade Service

Our rates are extremely competitive and we allow you spread your costs
over a period of 12 months. By upgrading your website to the next generation
of websites you will also put yourself ahead of your competition and future
proof your online business.

See our website upgrade Packs here:

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